Bb Trumpet „Unica“



Very direct respon­se, warm tone
Never befo­re have you play­ed a trumpet that responds so easi­ly and at the same time sup­ports a full, warm and roun­ded tone across its ent­i­re ran­ge. It plays sur­pri­sin­gly effort­less and very direct­ly. The fle­xi­bi­li­ty of the „Uni­ca“ allows trumpe­ters to play many styles of music from clas­si­cal to jazz as well as sol, lead and ensem­ble playing.
• Car­bon fib­re bell with a dia­me­ter of 128 mm (5.04″).
• Detach­a­ble bell for maintenance.
• First-class pis­ton val­ves, ML bore.
• avail­ab­le gold lac­que­red, sil­ver pla­ted or with cus­tom sur­face finish