Roy Hargrove

The daCarbo family is very sad about Roy Hargrove (see artists page), who left us much too early! I have always been an admirer of Roy’s music and am infinitely grateful that I was able to meet him personally. That he played the instruments of our young, small and fine craft is anything but a […]

Welcome Rick Braun !

We met Rick Braun (see artists page) at NAMM Show and at the HornGuys in California. It was not particularly difficult to convince him of the advantages of the daCarbo trumpets. He immediately decided to buy the “Large” model and hasn’t wanted to do without it since. Dear Rick, we cordially welcome you to the […]

Lux Award: Best Wind Instruments Producer

daCarbo is very honored to receive the 2019 Best Wind Instruments Producer award for its Innovation in Musical Instrument Design! Thank you so much LUXlife Magazine for this exceptional honor! https://www.lux-review.com/winners/dacarbo-ag-2/