Arturo Sandoval

Pre­si­den­ti­al Medal of Freedom
10 Gram­my Awards
6 Bill­board Awards
1 Emmy Award
>50 record­ings published
Dizzy Gil­le­spie was his men­tor and friend

Jim Seeley

Fea­tured soloist with Ray Charles, Lou­is Bell­son, The Duke Elling­ton Orches­tra, May­nard Fer­gu­son, Chu­cho Val­dez, Chi­co O’Far­rill, Greg All­man and many more.
Foun­ding mem­ber of the Jazz at Lin­coln Cen­ter’s Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra
Con­duc­ting semi­nars and mas­ter clas­ses all over the world.

Gram­my winner

Rick Braun

Craf­ted his own dis­tinc­ti­ve sound and beco­me a stap­le on con­tem­pora­ry jazz radio.
He has pro­du­ced No. 1 hits for David Beno­it, Marc Antoi­ne, and for­mer Rod Ste­wart band side­kick, Jeff Golub.
Braun achie­ved col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve suc­cess on mas­si­ve hits with Boney James, as a mem­ber of RnR with saxo­pho­nist Richard Elli­ot, and with BWB, a power­house trio com­ple­ted by Gram­my® win­ners Kirk Whalum and Nor­man Brown.
Col­la­bo­ra­ted with some of the big­gest names in music, inclu­ding Tina Tur­ner, Tom Pet­ty, Sade, Nata­lie Cole and REO Speedwagon.

Magnus Johansson

World-renow­ned trumpet play­er, Magnus Johans­son, has fea­tured on the big­gest best-sel­ling records of the last cen­tu­ry, span­ning ever­yo­ne from Katy Per­ry to Aria­na Gran­de, Kesha to Sam Smith, and Pit­bull to Litt­le Mix.

His latest suc­cess, ‘In Your Eyes’ by The Weeknd, was noted as a standout track for 2020 with over 400 mil­li­on plays on Spo­ti­fy. Simi­lar­ly, ‘Only Human’ by Jonas Bro­thers which he fea­tured on in 2019 was con­si­de­red a high­light of their hit album ‘Hap­pi­ness Begins’.

Johansson’s phe­no­me­nal talent as a trumpet play­er has hel­ped him to move seam­less­ly across a varie­ty of dif­fe­rent genres.

Gro­wing up in Askim, Swe­den, Johans­son fell in love with the trumpet at the age of 6. He then went on to attend the Roy­al Swe­dish Aca­de­my of Music in ninth gra­de, whe­re he was cele­bra­ted as one of the youn­gest stu­dents ever to gain a place at this pres­ti­gious college.

Johans­son has appeared on over 500 recor­ded records in his care­er and play­ed live along­side stars such as Tom Jones, Shir­ley Bas­sey, Dia­na Ross, Nata­lie Cole, Ste­vie Won­der, Mireil­le Mathieu, Paul Young, Micha­el Bol­ton, Ray Charles, Burt Bacha­rach, Elvis Pres­ley­’s band, and Micha­el Bublé.

Johnny Thirkell

In a long and varied care­er, John­ny has an impres­si­ve record of achie­ve­ments and unpar­al­leled expe­ri­ence as a trumpet play­er and pro­du­cer. He per­fo­med in many gen­res of music at the hig­hest level. From the B.B.C. Radio Orches­tra through the Bud­dy Rich & Gil Evans Orche­s­tras and on in to the Rock & Pop indus­try, John­ny estab­lis­hed hims­elf as a ver­sa­ti­le and adap­ta­ble musi­ci­an of the hig­hest calibre.

A mea­su­re of his suc­cess lies in the fact that his trumpet play­ing fea­tured on at least 1 album in the UK album chart, con­ti­nuous­ly, without a break for over 13 years and at one point he was play­ing on 11 of the top 50 albums in a sin­gle week. He has per­for­med on over 6000 record­ings, 40 top ten albums and 25 US & UK No.1 records, inclu­ding the recent BTS glo­bal smash “Dyna­mi­te”. The list of Artists with whom he has recor­ded reads like a who’s who of the music indus­try and inclu­des such illus­trious names as:

Bru­no Mars
David Bowie
Pet Shop Boys
Geor­ge Michael
Tina Turner

As well as tou­ring and play­ing live with Artists like Phil Col­lins, Eric Clap­ton, Bon Jovi & Ray Charles, John­ny has been a regu­lar mem­ber of 3 very suc­cess­ful groups:

Swing Out Sis­ter (1985 – 1988)
Level 42 (1988 – 1994)
Jami­ro­quai (1993 – 2000)

In 2020 he scored his 25th No.1 record with “Dyna­mi­te” the glo­bal smash hit by BTS


Trombone Shorty

Troy “Trom­bo­ne Shor­ty” Andrews is the band­lea­der and front­man of Trom­bo­ne Shor­ty & Orleans Ave­nue, a hard-edged funk band that employs brass-band beats, rock dyna­mics and impro­vi­sa­ti­on in a jazz tradition.

A 2011 GRAMMY Award nomi­nee for his album Backa­town (Ver­ve), Andrews’ vir­tuo­si­ty and high-ener­gy live shows have drawn unani­mous raves world­wi­de with Rol­ling Stone cal­ling him a “must-see act.”

Andrews is pas­sing down his musi­cal know­ledge and kee­ping the New Orleans brass band tra­di­ti­on ali­ve through his own Trom­bo­ne Shor­ty Foun­da­ti­on and Music Aca­de­my, and sin­ce 2014 has worked as a “Tur­naround Artist’” with the Tur­naround Arts Initia­ti­ve, a pro­gram that hel­ps low-per­forming schools impro­ve through inten­si­ve arts programs.


Giveton Gelin

Win­ner of the nume­rous top trumpet com­pe­ti­ti­ons in the US
Trumpe­ter, Band­lea­der and Com­po­ser in the New York City Scene
Give­ton Gelin Quintet
Give­ton is making a name for hims­elf on the New York Sce­ne. After only being in New York City for two years he has play­ed with pioneers of the NY jazz sce­ne – like Cur­tis Lun­dy, Harold Mabern, Winard Har­per, Geor­ge Cole­man, Joe Farns­worth, Sul­li­van Fort­ner, Ben Wol­fe, Jon Batis­te and Roy Hargrove

Melvin Jones

Mul­ti­ple Gram­my-Award Win­ning Per­for­mer and Arran­ger (TLC, LeCrae, PJ Mor­ton, etc)
Toured/ Performed/ Recor­ded with Tyler Per­ry, Pat­ti LaBel­le, Ste­vie Won­der, Young Jee­zy, Are­tha Fran­k­lin, Gla­dys Knight, TLC, Ray Charles, Kirk Fran­k­lin, Jen­ni­fer Holi­day, Ery­kah Badu, Arres­ted Deve­lo­p­ment, Quin­cy Jones, and a host of other musi­cal icons.
Award Win­ning, Publis­hed Edu­ca­tor; For­mer Direc­tor of Bands for Moreh­ouse Col­le­ge and Inter­na­tio­nal Mas­ter­class Cli­ni­ci­an on various subjects.
Artist in Resi­dence for the “Men­to­ring Through the Arts” Pro­gram spon­so­red by the US Vir­gin Islands Dept of Edu­ca­ti­on and the United Jazz Foundation.
A favo­ri­te of Jazz at Lin­coln Center’s Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola in New York and Doha, Cur­rent a Mem­ber of Gram­my Award Win­ning Ensem­ble, Dion Par­son and 21st Cen­tu­ry Band, and a part of the House Band for Tyler Perry’s Tou­ring Sta­ge Plays.
Made nume­rous appearan­ces as a mem­ber of the House Bands for various films and TV shows inclu­ding BET’s Sunday Best, The Dove Awards, BET Awards, the Moni­que Show, The Trumpet Awards, VH1’s Dear Mama, and many more..

Greg Boyer

The well-known trom­bo­ne play­er can be heard with,
Geor­ge Clinton
Maceo Parker
Lalah Hathaway
Shei­la E.
David Sanborn
Bri­an Culbertson
and many more

“I thought I was etern­al­ly con­nec­ted to my for­mer trom­bo­ne. daCar­bo has taught me better!”

Quentin Collins

London’s most wan­ted Jazz and com­mer­cial trumpeter
Worked in the com­mer­cial sphe­re with Bever­ley Knight, Prince, Ali­cia Keys, Boy Geor­ge, Leo­na Lewis, US3, Duffy, Base­ment Jaxx, Omar MBE and many more
Worked in the Jazz sphe­re with Gre­go­ry Por­ter, Roy Har­gro­ve, Fred Wes­ley, Tony Kofi, Jean Tous­saint, Joel Frahm, Jason Rebel­lo, Will Vin­son, Lia­ne Car­roll, Trans­at­lan­tic Collec­ti­ve to name but a few
Co-lea­der of the QC/BA quartet
Tou­ring with Kyle East­wood Band
Brass tea­cher at Dordo­gne Jazz Sum­mer School sin­ce 2001, Tea­cher at Tri­ni­ty Laban Con­ser­va­toire of Music and Dance, plus many mas­ter­clas­ses across the world

Thomas Huder and Michael Enders, Palast Orchestra (Max Raabe)

The two trumpet play­ers Tho­mas Huder and Micha­el End­ers tes­ted daCar­bo trumpets inten­si­ve­ly with and without the orches­tra. From now on, they play daCar­bo trumpets, allowing them to form the typi­cal clas­sic sound without effort.

Jörn Ranke, Palast Orchestra (Max Raabe)

Sin­ce 1987 at Palast Orches­tra as trom­bo­ne and vio­la play­er. He fol­lows his trumpe­ter col­leagues, Tho­mas Huder and Micha­el End­ers, and plays from now on the daCar­bo trombone.

Skip Martin

Gram­my Award Win­ner (Let it Whip — Dazz Band)

MOBO Award Reci­pi­ent (Kool & The Gang)

Pla­ti­num & Gold Records Reci­pi­ent (Kool & The Gang and Dazz Band)
6 Top 100 Albums, 2 Top 100 Singles
14 Albums with the Dazz Band
7 Albums with Kool & The Gang
2 Solo Albums
2 Albums with United We Funk All Stars

Toni Maier

8 years princip­le trumpet of Vien­na Sym­pho­nic Orchestra
35 years with “The Cra­zy Dol­lar Band”: 270 con­certs a year
Worked with mit Her­bert von Kara­jan, Leo­nard Bern­stein, Karl Böhm und Car­lo Maria Giulini
For­mer direc­tor of Johann-Joseph-Fux-Kon­ser­va­to­ri­um Graz

Gil “XL” Defay

Trumpe­ter, Pro­du­cer, Com­po­ser, Arran­ger and Tea­cher from the New York City Sce­ne With various styles ran­ging from Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, Gos­pel and World Music

Worked with recor­ded, tou­red or has shared the sta­ge with:
Wyn­ton Mar­sa­lis, Mark Whit­field, Wyclef Jean, Mela­nie Fio­na, Eric Benet, Al B. Sure, Nor­man Con­nors, Don­nie McClur­kin, Cece Win­ans, Bebe Win­ans, John P. Kee, The Late Rev. Timo­thy Wright and many more.

Philippe Litzler

Princip­le Trumpet of the Ton­hal­le-Orches­tra Zurich
Trumpet Pro­fes­sor at the Lucer­ne Uni­ver­si­ty of Arts
Foun­der mem­ber of the trumpet ensemble
“Die Bas­ler Bachtrompeter”
Princip­le Trumpet of the Grand Ensem­ble de Cuiv­res d’Alsace

Roy Hargrove † (1969/10/16 — 2018/02/11)

2 Gram­my Awards
Foun­der and Lea­der of the For­ma­ti­on The RH Factor
Roy Har­gro­ve Quintett
> 25 record­ings published

Con­certs with Dizzy Gil­le­spie, Her­bie Han­cock, Wyn­ton Mar­sa­lis, Fred­die Hub­bard, Nata­lie Cole, Dia­na Krall, Dia­na Ross, Shir­ley Horn and many more.

Duane Smith

Dua­ne “Squi­re” Smith, Trumpeter/Arranger/Bandleader/Musical Director/Producer

atten­ded LaGuar­dia High School of Music & Art and Per­forming Arts.  Men­to­red by the late, gre­at Wel­don Irvine.
Play­ed with legends as Roy Hay­nes, Wyn­ton Mar­sa­lis and Roy Hargrove.
Wri­tes and arran­ges pie­ces for tra­di­tio­nal jazz and big band configurations.
Per­for­med all over the world with his band, The Fuzz Band, inclu­ding 3 USO Tours to Iraq, Euro­pe, Afri­ca, Ita­ly, Spain, Kuwait, Por­tu­gal, and Turkey.
Pen­ned and per­for­med horn arran­ge­ments for Gram­my win­ning and nomi­na­ted pro­du­cers and artists inclu­ding Roo­se­velt “Bink” Har­rell, Domi­nick “Nottz” Lamb, Mase­go, Eric Rober­son, Dram, Sur­face, and Boyz II Men.
Sup­por­ted jazz legends Jona­than But­ler, Rick Braun, Nick Colion­ne, and Kirk Whalum on various inti­ma­te-sized tour dates.
Col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons with pop duo Sun­ny & Gabe.

Rahmlee Michael Davis

Even if you are not a music freak you have heard Rahm­lee’s trumpet on many record­ings for sure. As a mem­ber of the legen­da­ry Phe­nix Horns Rahm­lee play­ed with an impres­si­ve num­ber of famous musicians:
Earth, Wind & Fire, Phil Col­lins, The Jack­sons, Tyro­ne Davis, Fri­da (of ABBA), Jackie Wil­son, The Whis­pers, Micha­el Jack­son, Stan­ley Tur­ren­ti­ne, The Syl­vers, Side Affect, Rod­ney Fran­k­lin, B.B. King, The Chi-Lites, Bar­ba­ra Ack­lin, The Artis­tics, Gene Chand­ler, Tupac Shakur, Cur­tis May­field, Snoop Dogg, Don­ny Hat­ha­way, Ram­sey Lewis, Young-Holt Unli­mi­ted, Min­nie Riper­ton, Phil­ip Bai­ley, The Emo­ti­ons, Kli­que, Charles Ear­land, Macy Gray, Bob­by Womack, Al McK­ay & The L.A. All Stars/The Earth, Wind & Fire Expe­ri­ence and count­less others.

Still acti­ve, he is working on his own albums.

類家心平 Shinpei Ruike

Gold Medal at Natio­nal Con­ven­ti­on Ensem­ble Con­test 6 years trumpe­ter at the Japa­ne­se Marine

Bands: Urb, Shin­pei Rui­ke Four Pie­ce Band, Landcsape Jazz Orches­tra, DADA (Elec­tro Jazz), Naruyo­shi Kiku­chi Dub Sex­tett, Rou­ti­ne Jazz Sex­tett 7 albums released

Michael Stever

Concerts/Recordings with Dave Bru­beck, Jona­than But­ler, Bob­by Cald­well, Len­ny Cas­tro, Bri­an Cul­bert­son, Eric Dari­us, Geor­ge Duke, Lar­ry Dunn, War­ren Hill, Dave Koz, Ram­sey Lewis, Micha­el Ling­ton, Tony Mai­den, Eric Mari­en­thal, Ste­ve Mil­ler, Ray Par­ker Jr., Mike Phil­lips, David San­born, Tamar, Ste­vie Wonder
On tour with Moni­ca Man­ci­ni, ASoul­ful Christ­mas (Cul­bert­son, Cald­well, Dari­us, Hill, Par­ker), Bri­an Cul­bert­son, Bri­an Cul­bert­son and the Funk Expe­ri­ence, ASoul­ful Christ­mas (Cul­bert­son, Mai­den, Phil­lips), Bri­an Cul­bert­son [tpt, keys, arr], Rufus w/Sly Stone [tpt, keys]

Jon Barnes

Jon Bar­nes is a world-class musi­ci­an who star­red in the movie “Dir­ty Dan­cing” and works for “Earth Wind and Fire.” He is also a wri­ter, com­po­ser, pro­du­cer and educator.

“The­se instru­ments show you how to play more effi­ci­ent­ly with less ener­gy, which leads to more musicality.”

Claudio Roditi † (1946/05/28 — 2020/01/17)

Play­ed with Her­bie Mann, Char­lie Rou­se Paqui­to D’Ri­ve­ra and many more.
Was a mem­ber of Dizzy Gil­le­spie’s United Nati­ons Orchestra.
Run his own Trio with Klaus Ignat­zek and Jean-Lou­is Rassnfosse.
The Jazz legend Clau­dio Rodi­ti play­ed the daCar­bo-Trumpet in various concerts:

Jackie Coleman

Latin Gram­my Award Win­ner (Flor de Toloa­che — “Las Caras Lindas”).

NYC-based trumpeter/composer/arranger/teacher.

Trumpet with Anti­ba­las, Durand Jones and the Indi­ca­ti­ons, and many other artists.

Has per­for­med with artists such as Solan­ge, Wu-Tang lan, Hol­ly Miran­da, Zola Jesus, Flor de Toloa­che, Kali Uchis, Mon Lafer­te, Hela­do Negro, Cuco, H.E.R, Fan­ta­sia, Ledi­si, Jazmi­ne Sul­li­van, Yolan­da Adams.

Gabriel “The Gun” Gonzalez

Co-Foun­der of the Gram­my Award win­ning group “No Doubt”
Trumpe­ter, Latin Per­cus­sio­nist, Pro­du­cer and Arranger.
Play­ed and worked with: No Doubt, The Ske­le­to­nes, Bad Man­ners, The Red Hot Chi­li Pep­pers, Fish­bo­ne, Steel Pul­se, The Roots Radics, Eddie Pal­mie­ri, Tito Puen­te (Sr & Jr), Lalo Rodri­guez, Richie Ray, Sean “Puff Dad­dy” Combs, Mario Win­ans, Jeff Buck­ley, Ben­nie Mau­pin, Bob Mint­zer, Peter White, David San­born and many other artists.
Actu­al Pro­jects: Gabri­el The Gun Quartet/Quintet; Back­Beat Braw­lers; The Lock ‘N Load Horns