Bb Trumpet „Toni Maier“

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Brilliance, Immediacy and Flexibility

As with all daCarbo-trumpets, the „Toni Maier“ model has an incredible response. The extraordinary large bell enables a powerful projection in the upper registers as well as in the lower ones. The low resistance airflow makes the medium large bore feel like a large bore, which enhances the sound and control for the trumpet player. The warmth and brilliance of the daCarbo sound leaves nothing to be desired.

  • Exchangeable lead pipe, tuning slide and bell
  • Heavy weight valve section
  • Carbon fiber bell with a diameter of 139 mm (5.47”)!
  • First class piston valves
  • available in charcoal black matt combined with gold lacquer or with custom surface finish

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1 review for Bb Trumpet „Toni Maier“

  1. Ruari Wilson

    DaCarbo Toni Maier Bflat Trumpet – My Experience

    As a young musician, I owned a Swiss made Tissot watch that I treasured. In those days, ‘Swiss Made’ watches attracted a premium based on their reputation for fine craftsmanship. I had saved up to buy this watch from my wages playing in a show band that had a residency on the Kurfurstendamn, Berlin.The thrill of wearing this finely engineered timepiece, never diminished until, sadly, I lost it sometime ago.

    Once again, it’s a thrill for me to own and play a Swiss made instrument that lives up to the reputation of those words, ‘Swiss Made’. I am now in my mid 60s, with most of a lifetime in music. I have taught music, played my trumpets for more than half a century and performed in circuses, orchestras, rock bands and brass ensembles as well as playing solo repertoire. I am far from being a virtuoso or ‘talent’ who can make any instrument sound wonderful. Any success I’ve had is down to preparation, practice, being as musical as possible and good social skills. To sum up, I look to extract the maximum benefit from the instrument in my hands – as I need all the help I can get!

    I removed the bubble wrap from the double gig bag and unzipped the side pocket to find a tuning slide, finely turned wooden handled screw driver and a fawn cleaning cloth with Spiri embroidered on it. The tuning slide has a lustrous quality and weight with a specially designed water key that operates through 360 degrees. I continued, unpacking the trumpet from its own bubble wrap, to hold a work of art – finished in gold, graphite and patterned, rich, black carbon. It’s the most beautiful instrument – weighted and perfectly balanced. Its carbon bell is brilliantly set off by gold beading. The valve action is as smooth as silk and the slides move precisely, controlled by damped stop screws. Fine gold top and bottom caps (slightly weighted) finish off the valve block.

    So, what about the carbon fibre bell? The drummer at a band rehearsal last week is a bicycle mechanic and used to dealing with carbon fibre. He was impressed enough to want to photograph it to show his colleagues the quality of the workmanship. What’s more, I have two bells and tuning slides to change the response of the trumpet. I’ve swapped them around for brass ensemble and pop band sessions.

    The DaCarbo logo is etched gold and white into the bell, the graphite valve block is engraved, ‘W Spiri’ (the valve block maker) and the middle brace is engraved ‘Vario’ to signify that the instrument is designed to be interchangeable. The lead pipe has a number designation engraved underneath it.

    Playing the DaCarbo Maier trumpet
    It’s absolutely even and secure on all pitches that I can produce – intonation on the open 3rd space E and A above is in tune. As expected, the DaCarbo matches up or exceeds other professional trumpet brands that I own and have played over the decades. I enjoy playing some JS Bach ‘Cello Suite Studies (arranged by Jay Lichtmann) and feel the intervals slot smoothly and accurately – wow, the valve action is like quicksilver and I can work more on shaping the dynamics. A few days ago I switched bells and tuning slides for a pop rehearsal and gig – charts by EW&F, Michael Jackson, Sly and The Family Stone and others. It was so exciting to play and my fab trumpet playing colleague was happy with my sound complementing her own. By the way, I use Gary Radke’s mouthpieces – 65M for classical and 65S for pop playing. It’s considerably heavier than my Yamaha 8310 Custom, so I’m still adjusting to this difference.

    Leading edge carbon fibre material
    top quality design and build – Swiss made
    It looks different to any other trumpet brand
    The Vario aspect gives you interchangeable bells, lead pipes and tuning slides

    Quality control
    ‘O’ ring from the second valve bottom cap. It took me ages to work out why the second valve is minutely shorter – till I looked closely with my glasses on – the bottom cap is simply screwing on further. Slightly disappointed about this being missed.

    The Down Side
    In this case – it’s actually the case. This amazing trumpet is packed into a soft shell double gig bag. The straps are made from shiny plastic with nondescript stitching and the exterior bag material is utilitarian. However the case does an ok job of protecting the instrument and works as a back pack. In my opinion, any of us purchasing an instrument of this outstanding quality should be content to buy a top quality case as an extra; in fact, many of us already possess cases that will protect the instrument. I would much rather investment goes entirely on the instruments. To sum up, in my opinion, the existing gig bag is a bit of an afterthought and does not complement this outstanding trumpet.

    I’m not working as hard to play, a little more depth to my sound and I feel more secure throughout my working three octave register. The cream on the cake is the pleasure of looking at and holding this superb instrument. I have it on a cushion beside me as I write this review, just for the pleasure of looking at it. The overall effect is to tempt me to play more – and what can be wrong with that…

    The DaCarbo could be considered the Rolex or Rolls Royce of trumpet brands, although I confess to never owning either of those icons.

    Ruari G St J Wilson
    24th February 2020

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