Bb Trumpet „Toni Maier“



Bril­li­an­ce, Immedi­a­cy and Flexibility

As with all daCar­bo-trumpets, the „Toni Mai­er“ model has an incredi­ble respon­se. The extra­or­di­na­ry lar­ge bell enab­les a power­ful pro­jec­tion in the upper regis­ters as well as in the lower ones. The low resis­tance air­flow makes the medi­um lar­ge bore feel like a lar­ge bore, which enhan­ces the sound and con­trol for the trumpet play­er. The warm­th and bril­li­an­ce of the daCar­bo sound lea­ves not­hing to be desired.

  • Exch­an­ge­ab­le lead pipe, tuning sli­de and bell
  • Hea­vy weight val­ve section
  • Car­bon fiber bell with a dia­me­ter of 139 mm (5.47″)!
  • First class pis­ton valves
  • avail­ab­le in char­co­al black matt com­bi­ned with gold lac­quer or with cus­tom sur­face finish