All advantages at a glance

  • Less tiring
  • Expanded tonal range
  • Excellent response
  • Full sound even in the upper register
  • Corrosion-free and consistent in quality
  • Less condensation build-up
  • Very mechanically stable (does not dent)

Using less energy to handle your instrument means that you have more left over for making music; you can play for longer and be certain of hitting your high notes.

Excellent response – superb sound

daCarbo instruments produce a warm, rounded tone across the entire range. They allow excellent articulation and can be played very easily indeed, using little energy. Unlike in light instruments of conventional brass, however, the tone does not fade away in the upper registers and the sound can  be controlled effortlessly. daCarbo trumpets can play one whole tone higher without extra effort on your part, allowing better performance and endurance in concerts.

A warm material

The carbon material feels pleasantly warm to the touch, because unlike brass it has very low heat conductivity and does not take heat from your hand. The air column in the instrument behaves in similar fashion, remaining almost at breath temperature regardless of the ambient temperature where you play and regardless of the instrument’s temperature. This reduces the need to re-tune after you have been playing for a while, and also reduces condensation build-up inside the instrument.

Barely any energy loss

By making wind instruments from carbon fiber compounds, it becomes possible to suppress those vibrations in the tube that simply waste energy. We can stiffen the bore walls in selected spots and in certain directions, or even make them comparatively softer – an enormous gain in freedom compared to the possibilities of traditional materials. It also becomes feasible to make certain parts of the instrument more rigid without increasing mass or weight.

Instrument-makers, engineers, acoustic designers and musicians have worked together intensively to develop instruments which are remarkably easy to play yet produce a warm and rounded tone.