As a mate­ri­als sci­en­tist, I used to work in the indus­tri­al field of acoustics, using com­po­si­te mate­ri­als to redu­ce noi­se in loud machi­ne parts. Sin­ce I play both the trumpet and the trom­bo­ne, I came up with the idea to use this know­ledge to opti­mi­ze wind instru­ments, which inclu­des the saxophone.

Tog­e­ther with the well known Swiss wind instru­ments manu­fac­tu­rer Wer­ner Spi­ri, engi­neers, acoustic desi­gners and musi­ci­ans, we deve­lo­ped a who­le ran­ge of inno­va­ti­ve wind instru­ments using our new technology.

daCar­bo-instru­ments are built without com­pro­mi­se with Swiss engi­nee­ring and craftmanship.

Andre­as Keller