Tenor Jazz Trombones


The daCarbo trombones are made with the highest precision and are therefore very durable and easy to maintain. They are an absolute eye-catcher and can be played in such a relaxed way that you can concentrate on the music instead of the technical aspects.


Effort­less Play­ing, Fast and Direct Reaction
The trom­bo­nes, resul­ting from daCar­bo’s rese­arch are remar­kab­ly easy to play in all regis­ters at supre­me sound qua­li­ty. They allow excel­lent arti­cu­la­ti­on and direct control.
The car­bon fiber outer sli­de can never bend or dent and is manu­fac­tu­red much strai­gh­ter than a brass trom­bo­ne sli­de. As a result, the gap bet­ween the outer and inner sli­de can be held at a mini­mum, allowing only enough space for lub­ri­cant. Fur­ther­mo­re, the new car­bon fiber outer sli­de is extre­me­ly light, giving you the utmost com­fort in performance.
This new tech­no­lo­gy enhan­ces the sound, speed, and com­fort of your play­ing experience.