Flugelhorn Gold Lacquer Matt


The daCarbo flugelhorns are made with the highest precision and are therefore very durable and easy to maintain. They are an absolute eye-catcher and can be played in such a relaxed way that you can concentrate on the music instead of the technical aspects.


Dar­kest and War­mest Sound
This is the sound you’­ve always been loo­king for in a flugelhorn!
The uni­que sound of the daCar­bo Flug­el­horn warms up the ent­i­re room. Every note sounds rich and clear. The Flug­el­horn is easy to play even in the high regis­ters. The horn beha­ves very even­ly over all regis­ters and dyna­mic levels.
• Real­ly big bell of 170 mm (6.96“) in diameter.
• First class pis­ton val­ves. Bore 11.0 mm (.433″)
• Nice details in car­bon fiber
• Gold lac­que­red or cus­tom surface