Flugelhorn Gold Lacquer Matt


The daCarbo flugelhorns are made with the highest precision and are therefore very durable and easy to maintain. They are an absolute eye-catcher and can be played in such a relaxed way that you can concentrate on the music instead of the technical aspects.[:de]Die daCarbo Flügelhörner sind in höchster Präzision gefertigt und daher sehr langlebig und einfach zu warten. Sie sind eine Augenweide und lassen sich so entspannt spielen, dass du dich auf das Musikalische statt auf das Technische konzentrieren kannst.


Darkest and Warmest Sound
This is the sound you’ve always been looking for in a flugelhorn!
The unique sound of the daCarbo Flugelhorn warms up the entire room. Every note sounds rich and clear. The Flugelhorn is easy to play even in the high registers. The horn behaves very evenly over all registers and dynamic levels.
• Really big bell of 170 mm (6.96“) in diameter.
• First class piston valves. Bore 11.0 mm (.433”)
• Nice details in carbon fiber
• Gold lacquered or custom surface