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Horn Camps 2021 with Johnny Thirkell & Snake Davis

We can proud­ly and high­ly recom­mend the fan­tastic Horn Camps of daCar­bo trumpe­ter John­ny Thir­kell and saxo­pho­nist Sna­ke Davis. Sier­ra Neva­da moun­tains of sou­thern Spain 5th — 11th Sep­tem­ber 2021 12th — 18th Sep­tem­ber 2021 26th Sep — 2nd Oct 2021 Hur­ry, only a…

Welcome Jackie Coleman !

daCar­bo collects Gram­mys: Jackie Cole­man is ano­t­her Gram­my win­ner joi­ning the daCar­bo fami­ly. We are very hap­py to wel­co­me her! More about Jackie Cole­man on the artists page

Welcome Magnus Johansson !

We are very hap­py to wel­co­me the world-renow­­­ned trumpe­ter Magnus Johans­son as an offi­cial fami­ly mem­ber! I bet ever­yo­ne rea­ding this has heard Magnus’ trumpet befo­re! More about Magnus Johans­son on the artists page

Visit Us at NAMM

Visit us at our NAMM booth #8833 Janu­a­ry 16–19 in Ana­heim CA We will pre­sent our exten­ded car­bon fiber instru­ments ran­ge: Trumpets New Bb trumpet model Model “Lar­ge” Model “Toni Mai­er” Model “Uni­ca” Tenor Trom­bo­nes All bores Jazz and with F‑attachment daCar­bo Flug­el­horn Sax…

Welcome Melvin Jones !

After play­ing his daCar­bo Uni­ca trumpet for some years now, we are very hap­py to final­ly wel­co­me Mel­vin as an offi­cial fami­ly mem­ber! More about Mel­vin Jones on the artists page Soon ever­yo­ne will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to meet the…

Lux Award: Best Wind Instruments Producer

daCar­bo is very hono­red to recei­ve the 2019 Best Wind Instru­ments Pro­du­cer award for its Inno­va­ti­on in Musi­cal Instru­ment Design! Thank you so much LUXli­fe Maga­zi­ne for this excep­tio­nal honor! https://www.lux-review.com/winners/dacarbo-ag‑2/

Welcome Rick Braun !

We met Rick Braun (see artists page) at NAMM Show and at the Horn­Guys in Cali­for­nia. It was not par­ti­cu­lar­ly dif­fi­cult to con­vin­ce him of the advan­ta­ges of the daCar­bo trumpets. He immedia­te­ly deci­ded to buy the “Lar­ge” model and…

Roy Hargrove

The daCar­bo fami­ly is very sad about Roy Har­gro­ve (see artists page), who left us much too ear­ly! I have always been an admi­rer of Roy’s music and am infi­ni­te­ly gra­te­ful that I was able to meet him per­so­nal­ly. That…